GLIDERS summer and winter golf trolley wheel protectors were launched in 2013 and have been quickly accepted as an outstanding product as they offer exceptional performance with excellence of design.  They consist of lightweight rubber matrix wheel sleeves, which we manufacture and assemble from our special mouldings and are easily fitted over your existing wheels on most electric and push/pull trolley wheels.


They have been widely acknowledged and accepted by green keepers and golf courses as they have been proven to offer excellent performance and help minimise damage to courses. They are a most cost effective way to meet the winter ban on normal wheels and of course protect your original wheels all year-round.  




GRIP BOOST is a unique product, invented in the USA and is the ONLY adhesive golf grip/glove/hand spray to use Chitosan, a natural biopolymer made from crab shells.  The Grip Boost gel adheres to your gloves, hands or club grips by quickly drying and forming a cohesive thin polymer film.  This helps you swing faster and release the club head much easier with a more relaxed grip due to the much increased adherence.



The MAGIC BUTTON is a unique and innovative aid with the serious intent to improve your putting by enabling you to practice your complete putting draw back and through stroke at home or on the practice green - by attaching a simple but effective button to the sweet spot of your putter and challenging you to putt straight to get those scores down!  



COBRACAM is a popular and well designed product which enables golfers to video themselves -  it is a mount which holds almost any electronic device or camera and can attach to your trolley, golf bag or indeed anywhere.  So take your video “selfie” or simply make sure your GPS, mobile phone or electronic device and app is readily to hand and to view.




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Red Kite Products Ltd is a UK design, manufacturing and distribution company that specialises in high quality, exciting and different products for the golf markets.


We pride ourselves in our UK based operations and we will continue to steadily expand our product range to give golfers, world-wide, novel products that meet their demands and in particular help to improve their game.

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