Spread the product sparingly over your golf club grips or glove evenly.   It takes several minutes for the product to dry, depending on the type of grip or glove.  The grip and tackiness varies depending on how much is applied and the tackiness reduces with time – you can always apply more than one coat and it is worth experimenting to find the optimum tackiness that suits you when you play a round of golf.


Take the handy size bottle with you and you can top-up your grips or gloves anytime during your game. If you play without using gloves, it works just as well if you apply to your hand!   The product dries completely with time and can easily be removed with warm soapy water.


       Please note the advice and warnings on the packaging.    We take no responsibility for mis-use of this product.


                         Price is a competitve £19.99 each (includes p&p).  Dispatch, subject to availability, usually within 3 days.

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 This unique golf accessory is designed to improve your grip  without the need to buy new gloves or replace golf club grips


              * Adds a clean, frictional grip to golf gloves or golf club grips

               * Clean and easy to use

               * Enhances your golf grip through sweat and rain

               * Helps to increase club head speed

               * Relieves grip pressure

               * Improve your distance and accuracy

               * Each bottle contains 2 fluid oz.


               An ideal present for the golfer who thought they had everything!!

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